Bonus Videos

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  • Bonus Video—How to Shade with Colored Pencils

    Shading adds depth and dimension to your artwork! In this mini-lesson, you’ll explore 2 ways to shade—hatching and cross-hatching—and when to use which.

  • Bonus Video—How to Make Your Own Grid

    In this level of Prismacolor Technique, you’ll learn how to use a grid to work off of a reference. While this set features grids for the lesson, eventually you’ll want to be able to create your own for future art projects. This mini-lesson teaches you how to do that, using a ruler, pencil, and sh...

  • Bonus Video—How to Make a Gradient Background

    A gradient gives your work an abstract background that helps your subject matter pop off the page, while differentiating your art from its reference. Learn how to use shading, blending, and layering to make your colorful backdrop in this quick lesson.

  • Bonus Video—How to Use a Magic Rub Eraser

    Keeping your eraser clean is essential to keeping your artwork free from smudges. This bite-sized lesson will teach you how to properly use your eraser.

  • Bonus Video—How to Use Watercolor Pencils

    Watercolor pencils add a splash of vibrancy to your art! This mini-lesson teaches you how to properly use watercolor pencils to get a blast of color and how to keep them from damaging your paper.

  • Bonus Video—How to Sketch & Color Feathers

    Create feathers that soar with color in this mini-lesson! You’ll learn how to use shading and coloring to make realistic feathers.

  • Bonus Video—How to Sketch & Color Fox Fur

    By using the proper shading, layering, and blending techniques, you can create lifelike fox fur! This short tutorial shows you how and when to use each technique. Plus, you can use what you learn on other types of animal fur!

  • Bonus Video—How to Sketch & Color Pet Fur

    This in-depth tutorial will teach you how to take the shading, blending, and layering techniques you’ve learned to create lifelike pet fur! This lesson explores methods for coloring in both dog and cat fur.

  • Bonus Video—How to Sketch & Color Pet Eyes

    Lifelike eyes are a key ingredient to making your pet portrait look realistic. This in-depth tutorial will show you how to use coloring techniques to create dog and cat eyes.

  • Bonus Video–How to Draw Contour Lines

    In this bonus video, you’ll learn how to use contour lines to begin the sketch of your portrait. You’ll learn what they are, why they’re important, and how to draw them.

  • Bonus Video–How to Use Graphite Pencils

    Not all graphite pencils are created equal. In this video, you’ll learn about Prismacolor Graphite Pencils and the HB scale, which is used to determine how hard the graphite core of a pencil is.

  • Bonus Video—How to Use Color Wheels

    Color wheels are a great way to learn the relationship between colors. In this concise bonus lesson, you’ll learn what they are and how to use them to choose the right colors for your artwork.

  • Bonus Video—How to Understand Perspective

    In this compact bonus video, learn how to use linear perspective to help line up the elements of your landscape and make your artwork look more realistic.