Landscape Level 2:  Canyon Drawing Art Set

Landscape Level 2: Canyon Drawing Art Set

Learn how to draw more confidently, thoughtfully blend, and shade your colors as you create a stunning canyon landscape. You’ll also learn color theory and how to utilize the color wheel.

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Landscape Level 2:  Canyon Drawing Art Set
  • 1. Sketch & Outline

    Go deeper with Prismacolor colored pencils and learn more about color theory. In this first lesson, you’ll sketch a canyon and create an outline around it. You’ll also learn the basics of the color wheel.

  • 2. Base Tones & Blending

    Discover how to use blending and base tones to create a foundation of color for your canyon so you can begin building depth.

  • 3. Blending Midtones

    Learn how to add details and definition to your canyon by layering and blending in midtones.

  • 4. Details & Shadows

    In this final lesson, you’ll learn how to use darker tones to create shadows, depth, and the final details needed to bring your canyon to life.