Portrait Level 1: People Drawing Art Set

Portrait Level 1: People Drawing Art Set

Practice foundational drawing and shading skills as you learn how to create colorful portraits.

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Portrait Level 1: People Drawing Art Set
  • 1. Sketch & Outline

    Create a wonderful portrait in this series of lessons. In Lesson 1, you’ll begin with setting up your art station, before moving on to using Prismacolor Graphite pencils to sketch your portrait. You’ll also learn the crucial skill of how to use contour lines and how to position your elements so y...

  • 2. Detail Sketching

    After your foundational sketch, you’ll learn how to add in more details, including the eyes, nose, lips, and hair. You’ll also sketch in shoulders and clothing.

  • 3. Adding Base & Midtones

    In this lesson, you’ll learn how to layer in colors to build in depth with Prismacolor Colored Pencils. You’ll build your base or lighter colors and add in midtones to get richer colors. You’ll also learn how color can set different facial apart from each other.

  • 4. Midtones and Hair

    Building on midtones, in this lesson you’ll learn how to add contour to the face of your portrait, as well as using hatching techniques to create texture in hair.

  • 5. Fine Details

    With shadows, you’ll be able to add the final dimension of depth and realism to your portrait. You’ll also put in the finishing touches to really make your portrait come to life.

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