Nature Level 3: Landscape Drawing Art Set

Nature Level 3: Landscape Drawing Art Set

Reimagine any landscape or nature photo into your own work of art!

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Nature Level 3: Landscape Drawing Art Set
  • 1. Sketching & First Layer of Colors

    Build the refinement and mastery skills needed to create landscape portraits. First, you’ll learn to sketch a complex landscape. Then, you’ll begin coloring it in! You’ll also learn how to create and work in a grid system.

  • 2. Creating a Cliffside & Waterfall

    Learn how to take the knowledge you’ve built using Prismacolor colored pencils to layer in colors on your cliffside and waterfall.

  • 3. Coloring in a Sky, Clouds, & Sun

    In this lesson, you’ll learn the tips and tricks on creating a bright blue sky, clouds, and sun!

  • 4. How to Create Mountains & Trees

    Layer your base, mid-tones, and dark tones to create a mountainside and forest full of rich, green trees in this lesson.

  • 5. Coloring & Shading a Lake

    Use all you’ve learned to add the finishing touches to your landscape. You’ll learn how to color in a lake with crystal blue waters. When finished, you’ll have learned the skills needed to transform any reference photo of a landscape into your own work of art.

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