Animal Level 2: Bird Drawing Art Set

Animal Level 2: Bird Drawing Art Set

Create a vibrant bird drawing as you refine your color usage and drawing style!

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Animal Level 2: Bird Drawing Art Set
  • 1. Sketch & Base Color

    Go deeper with Prismacolor colored pencils and learn more about color usage and drawing style. In this lesson, you’ll sketch an outline of a bird and lay down base color. Finally, you’ll learn how to create a gradient background.

  • 2. Exploring Shading Techniques

    In this in-depth lesson, you’ll start working with different mid-tones to add vibrancy to your bird. You’ll also learn how to use different shading techniques to create feathers.

  • 3. Darker Tones & Shadows

    Learn how to get the final bit of dimension needed for a lifelike bird with dark tones and shadows. Additionally, you’ll learn how to use Prismacolor dual-ended markers to accentuate your colored pencils.

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