Nature Level 1: Flower Drawing Art Set

Nature Level 1: Flower Drawing Art Set

Create a flower that pops with color as you practice foundational drawing and shading skills.

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Nature Level 1: Flower Drawing Art Set
  • 1. Sketch & Outline

    Fashion a flower that pops with color! In Lesson 1, you’ll learn how to sketch with Prismacolor graphite pencils and outline with Prismacolor illustration markers. You’ll also learn about layering colors with Prismacolor colored pencils.

  • 2. Hatching & Cross-Hatching

    See how to use shading techniques to color in your vibrant flower and give it a natural feel. You’ll add mid-tones and dark tones to the flower petals in this lesson.

  • 3. Coloring & Shading a Flower’s Center

    To create the center of the flower, you’ll learn how to use scribbling and cross-scribbling to color in larger sections of artwork. When finished, you’ll have a fresh flower to share!

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