Animal Level 1: Fox Drawing Art Set

Animal Level 1: Fox Drawing Art Set

Practice foundational drawing and shading skills as you create a colorful fox!

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Animal Level 1: Fox Drawing Art Set
  • 1. Sketch, Outline, & Base Color

    Enter the colorful world of animal portraits by learning how to create a playful fox with Prismacolor colored pencils. In Lesson 1, you’ll learn how to sketch and create an outline. Then you’ll learn the foundational skill of base colors. Finally, you’ll learn shading techniques to create animal ...

  • 2. Depth with Mid-Tones

    In this lesson, you’ll go deeper with color, and you’ll see how layering mid-tones helps build dimension and depth.

  • 3. Darker Tones & Shadows

    In the final lesson of this series, you’ll learn when to use dark tones and how to create shadows for that final touch. When you’re done, you’ll have a playful fox you’ll want to share online!

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