Landscape Level 1: Beach Drawing Art Set

Landscape Level 1: Beach Drawing Art Set

Create a serene beach scene full of vibrant color as you learn foundational drawing and shading skills.

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Landscape Level 1: Beach Drawing Art Set
  • 1. Sketch & Outline

    Create a serene beach landscape! In this first lesson, you’ll learn how to set your art station up for success. Then, you’ll start working with Prismacolor Graphite pencils to sketch your outline, while learning how to position your elements.

  • 2. Adding Base Blue

    In Lesson 2, you’ll learn how to layer in colors with Prismacolor Colored Pencils to create depth, starting with your foundation or base colors. You’ll also learn how to scribble-shade to fill in space and how to properly apply pressure.

  • 3. Hatching and Midtones

    Learn about the hatching technique, an essential form of shading. You’ll then build depth in your beach scene by applying midtones and blending colors.

  • 4. Creating Depths with Shadows

    To finish your beachside drawing, you’ll use dark tones to create shadows and that final element of depth. You’ll also add the finishing touches (including cross-hatching) to truly bring your beach to life.

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