Animal Level 1: Giraffe Drawing Art Set

Animal Level 1: Giraffe Drawing Art Set

Learn the foundational skills in drawing, coloring, and shading to create a lively giraffe. You’ll also begin to develop confidence in your art as you create something to be proud of.

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Animal Level 1: Giraffe Drawing Art Set
  • 1. Creating an Outline

    Begin your journey in colorful animal portraits by learning how you create a giraffe straight from the Savannah using Prismacolor art supplies. In Lesson 1, you’ll learn how to sketch an outline, including how to use objects in your art to help with proportions.

  • 2. Base Color

    Discover how to use base tones to create a foundation of color from which you will begin to build depth.

  • 3. Building Layers

    In this in-depth lesson, you’ll learn how to use mid and dark tones to blend and build greater dimension in your artwork, giving it a bigger sense of realism.

  • 4. Finishing Touches

    With this final lesson, you’ll learn the final touches that take your artwork up a level. Topics include creating a background, adding black to push depth, and using illustration markers.

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